Thứ Năm, 18 tháng 4, 2019

Ways to make money online should not participate

Ways to make money online should not participate:

Why not join, the reason is simple because the income is low compared to the time you spend, and you will not promote any useful skills or experiences in the process of doing it. even some of these forms of fraud happen, scam ...

1. Make money with typing Captcha code:

 Fill out the Capcha form, make money typing capcha or enter online data as one. You will often see advertising content such as: Data entry at home, just need a computer, 2 to 3 hour working days, money transfer via ATM ... all describe for the job of entering capcha code This is the most popular way to make money online. Suitable for hardworking students and free time. Your job is to fill out the available capcha forms and you'll receive money based on the number of capcha you fill out. This job is really simple but it also has the potential that you will be scammed. So I advise you not to participate in this form. Many people often confuse the task of typing this capcha code with typing word or excel text. You should find out carefully before joining these jobs.
2. Make money by doing online surveys
Similar to filling out capcha forms, doing online surveys is also quite simple. You fill out surveys according to the given questions, get bonus points and change them into money. It is relatively easy, but the downside is getting very few bonus points. But setting the point of exchange is quite high so if you want to earn money you will spend a lot of time. While you can use that time fund to do other things that bring in a much higher income.
In addition, these servers are often located on foreign websites so they also have many potential risks. You fill out the survey but don't withdraw the money to Vietnam, this is the case many people encounter. Therefore, I do not encourage you to have a long-term connection with this form, if you want to participate to experience bitterness, it is fine :))
 3. Make money online by viewing ads (PTC)
With this form, you will sit and click on an advertisement on a certain page, the price will be low, the advertisement will be less.
Some sites make you upgrade your account to show higher and more price ads, no different from captcha typing. It takes time and energy with a very low income.
 4. Make money online by Like facebook, view youtube
As with the above, the money is less and more tired, the computer browser loads without rest.
This form requires you to like facebook fanpage, follow facebook or watch youtube videos or register youtube channel.
Each time you like 1 photo on facebook, you will get a certain amount of coins and you will be eligible to exchange money, sometimes you can only exchange phone scratch cards for 20 days ...
5. Leading platform and scam ICO projects
There are a lot of ICO projects taking advantage of the explosion of digital currency to scam and you need to be very careful and learn thoroughly before investing.
Leading Ponzi model of copper bitcoinnect is a testament and you need to learn carefully before putting money into investment. This is no longer an expensive task, it is even a large-scale scam. So you need to be really wary.